Halloween Dress Up!

Halloween Dress Up is October 31st. All parents know what an exciting occasion Halloween is for children. This year students are asked to come to school in their costume and be prepared for a fun day of learning and Halloween activities. Parents are asked to carefully help their child select appropriate costumes for school. Blood, weapons, and
likenesses of Satan are not permitted at H.S.A. Please select costumes that are in good taste and support our Christian values. Please take into consideration that students will be in their costumes all day so ensure the costume is comfortable and not too cumbersome Holy Childhood Association Collection Boxes.  The Holy Childhood Association is the Pope’s own missionary work for children. It seeks to help children around the world find in the cross of Jesus victory over their sufferings, their crosses. As baptized Christians, we are each called to help carry their crosses. Every penny contributed in Canada through schools and parishes this year will go to help children in Kenya,
South Africa, Uganda, Bolivia, Haiti, and India.
Halloween is rapidly approaching. We are encouraging all students to take Holy Childhood Alms Boxes with them on their
Halloween route. These boxes will then be returned to the school where the coins will be sorted, counted and a cheque
forwarded to Holy Childhood Association. Thank you for encouraging your child to carry an alms box with them on their
Halloween travels.