One School, One Book Project


Holy Spirit Academy is a school that promotes a love of reading. We are excited to embark upon our 2020/21 One Book, One School literacy project. This will run from April 19th - 30th, 2021. The project rationale is to promote literacy as a whole school community by involving home and school. Every family in our School Community will receive a copy of the book that we have selected.

We are excited to share that the book that we have selected will be kept top secret as we want to build excitement for the students. Once the students return from Easter vacation, we hope to peak the interest with the students by displaying clues and hints around the school, and we encourage the students to predict what the book might be.

Some clues for you are the book will open up a whole new world with themes of friendship, family, motherhood, nature vs. technology, bullying, helping others, and more. We look forward to the opportunity to dive deep into exploring these themes as a school.

Books will be sent home with the youngest child in each family on Thursday, April 15th and Friday, April 16th. Additionally, we will be sending home a reading schedule. Teachers will be discussing the book at school and engaging in activities related to it.

It promises to be a fun two weeks for our school community.